Vrush-Pen™ brushes 6-pcs

Ultra mini brushes that uniquely designed for the artists who paint on the finest detailing tasks: nails, dolls, models, decorative paintings, graphics designs and more where delicate strokes and touches are required. Each comes to a distinctive crisp point and respond to your every hand movement with grater precision.   #206

    * Nail Art Brush Care*
Load the paint only 1/2 of the brush.
Color at the ferule will ruin the point of your brush and is hard to remove.
Don’t let the handle (#4,5 and 6) soak up liquid for hours. The wood can swell and cause the ferule to come loose. Store your brushes upright, with the hair up, or flat. But make sure the hairs are not touched.  By no means let your brush stand on its head in your cleaning water.
Put on the protective cap for the brushes after use.