ArtNails’ Basic Strokes

1. Teardrops of purple color from 10:00 & 2:00 o’clock.
Use #4 or 5 Vrush-Pen brushes
2. Light Teardrops from 7:00 & 4:00 to the center
3. Small, black head dot and bigger body dot
4. C strokes of line antenna for a butterfly.

1. Short & long Lines with #1,2,3 Vrush-Pens
2. Complementary black lines
3. White, yellow, black lines, then broad C strokes with #6.
4. Drag it up quickly with #1/ Marbler(see below Flames)

1. On light blue polish, reversed C & S strokes
2. Small Dots & Teardrops for Daisy
3. Bigger Teardrops for front Daisy with #4, Flat
4. Small dots in center of Teardrops with #1 or Marbler

1. Drag down strokes using #3 Vrush-Pen for Flames
2. Control the pressures of brush for S strokes
3. Press the brush lightly and lift up quickly
4. Drag-up strokes can be done by reversing the nails
down, then pull down your strokes for Flame design
* See more details of tips & tricks at

1. Outline C strokes of holy leaves with #1, Vrush-Pen
2.  Fill in with greens
3.  Add darker greens in-center leaves
4.  Finish off the leaves with red berries and lines of vines




*The technique all beginners struggle with most are a perfect polish job

1) Practice on Guides      2) On the Trainer        3) On your nails


1) Practice on ArtNails’ Teaching Guides- Do not fear for making the mistakes
(We suggest you do practice first on a flat nail art images on the guides.  Each nail art design usually has four stages.
Follow them in order and you will soon discover how talented you are!  And each guide has many blank nails
for you to carry out your own ideas to fire your imagination)
2) Hold one of the Vrush-Pen nail art brushes
3) Dip the brush into the paint
4) Paint on the Trainer the same way you practiced on the Teaching Guides
The more you make mistakes the more you learn nail art FAST!
5) Practice on both Teaching Guides & Trainers.
(a replica of human finger with 9 shapes and sizes of nails)
6) Art on your Nails!