Master Kit

Master Kit for ArtNails

(Interactive nail art tools and Guided lessons for independent study)

A Kit includes:
1) 3 GelArts™ & 3 Vrush-Pen™ Brushes: A revolutionary artist’s tool will sharpen your competitive edge.
2) 3 Teaching Guides shts: Using pictures to guide you step-by-step strokes to the finish, show you what/how to do.
3) 2 ArtNails Trainters: Practice the same way you work on human nails except that the trainer never feels pain.
4) DVD volume 1(NTSC)  English/Spanish, with PDF pictures of  nail arts.
5) A Marbler to create stunning, intricate patterns of nail art.
6) 12 pcs of ArtNails’ Design Stickers
7) 2 Empty nail art bottles.

*All the Basics of Nail Art strokes and How tos are at Youtube: ArtNails
*Paints are not included. You can use regular Acrylic paints available at your local art/craft store.
*All pictures shown in our site are illustration purpose only.  Actual product many vary due to product enhancement.

.* Explore your Dagger brush to create everything from leaves, petals to crosshatching and ribbons.
It is designed to hold a lot of paint which makes it easy to paint a long continuous lines or border shapes.